Lit With Me


Literature made easy, I think.



I needed a place to dump my literature-inspired knowledge.
I need it for posterity. I need it because I just do.

In a few months I will be graduating from college and I am afraid all I’ve learned during my 5 years in the university (3 years doing CAS, 2 years on the school of Humanities) will be forgotten once I join the work force.

I might go stupid/er or something. At least if I blog about what I’ve learned, my 50,000 a year education will not go to waste.

However, I won’t be putting down eveything I’ve learned in this little blogspot corner of mine. No, this is all reserved for all the literature stuff. The rhyme and reason why I went to the school of Humanities instead of going for the safe Communications course, or IT, or Child Education.

Okay, what’s done is done. I can’t switch courses because 1) it’s expensive; 2) it takes a lot of work and stuff; and 3) i really don’t want to go to school anymore.

So enough babbling, I welcome you to Lit With Me.


One Response

  1. Alexis says:

    Love this! Will browse more when I have time. 🙂 cant wait to read the works you have here!

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